Daniel Pono Takamori is Conservancy’s Newest Employee

Daniel Pono Takamori is Conservancy’s Newest Employee

May 13, 2021

Software Freedom Conservancy is pleased to announce that Daniel Pono Takamori has joined as Community Organizer and Nonprofit Problem Solver. Takamori brings a wealth of skills acquired in his previous positions at other prestigious FOSS organizations, including the Linux Foundation, the Apache Software Foundation and the Oregon State University Open Source Lab. Takamori has spoken on a variety of topics at FOSS events, including recently as a keynoter at SeaGL.

picture of Pono

Pono at Broken Top in Oregon Photo © by Daniel Pono Takamori, licensed CC BY-SA 4.0

“I cannot be more excited to have Pono on the Conservancy team,” said Karen Sandler, Executive Director of Conservancy. “His commitment to software freedom and inclusive communities, along with his strong non-technical and technical skills makes him a perfect fit for our organization.”

“Being able to bring my skills to help further software freedom here at the Conservancy is a very exciting new chapter to me,” said Takamori. Takamori will be helping Conservancy on a range of issues, including supporting our member projects in a variety of ways and helping Conservancy to communicate its work and mission.