The Institute for Computing in Research announces 6 students to inaugural Austin cohort

The Institute for Computing in Research announces 6 students to inaugural Austin cohort

Third city to host free software related scientific research program for high school students

July 21, 2022

Starting this past Monday in Austin, TX, The Institute for Computing in Research will host 6 local high school students for research internships in the fields of physics, computer science, linguistics, and cognitive science. By combining scientific research and a focus on using free software, students will learn from both their scientific fields, as well as getting involved with free software communities. Austin joins Portland, OR and Santa Fe, NM as the newest city to offer research internships. This will be Portland’s second year operating and Santa Fe, NM’s fourth year.

The Institute for Computing in Research is one of the group of Software Freedom Conservancy’s member projects that seeks to upend the historical exclusion that has prevented people from seeking opportunities in the technology sector. Along with projects like Outreachy, The Institute for Computing in Research leads the way by providing equitable ways to connect people with communities, training and financial compensation for internships using free software.

Mark Galassi, astrophysicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory and life-long contributor to free/open-source
software, who assists director Rhonda Crespo in recruiting mentors, gives credit for making everything possible:

Software Freedom Conservancy is the home for the Institute, and without that home we could not operate: They offer us a fiscal home, uncountable bits of practical guidance, and the ability to operate world-wide. In addition they are the organization that crafts the shape of the world of software to which we aspire. With Software Freedom Conservancy as our home we are able to focus on what gives us joy: finding students, and finding world-class scholars to guide them, so that they can do research deeply rooted in software freedom.

We’re excited to see the work the students do this summer and hope to see more of them in the years to come!

To read more about the specifics of the Austin program, see the official announcement.