Thanks for helping us meet our extended match!

Thanks for helping us meet our extended match!

$156,730.91 raised after extended match challenge

January 16, 2023

Thanks to SFC’s incredible base of Sustainers and supporters, our original fundraising match goal of $104,759 was met in just over a month, and we quickly met an extended goal of an additional $12,030 — for a total of $116,989 matched and $156,730.91 contributed by you! Thanks to your sustaining contributions to our organization, we’ll be able to continue the community driven work we have become known for. Our commitment to software rights and freedom remains as strong and ever. This support from individual contributors empowers and motivates us for the year to come.

This fundraising season has been incredibly uplifting for us to see that even in tough economic years, our donors continue to believe in the initiatives, advocacy and projects that we fund, develop and support.

This year has marked a lot of growth and progress for us: SFC has raised, administered and/or facilitated $1.7 million to directly support free software for the second year in a row. Through these efforts of sustainable FOSS funding, we are working with users, developers and communities to grow and expand the reach of software freedom for all. Outreachy — on track to complete their 1000th intern (we’ll reach our “kilo-intern” as one Sustainer called it during our special video chat session 😂️). The Institute for Computing in Research expanded to its third city this year with plans for expanding further! Denver Gingerich was appointed our first Director of Compliance; Denver now leads our compliance work — including his continuing work for the past year to integrate copyleft compliance (the right to software repair) within the larger Right to Repair community. In 2023, we will bring a large, international FOSS event back to Portland, Oregon, USA — as we organize our conference, FOSSY — July 13-16th 2023!

Thank you again for supporting our organization. Thank you for empowering our software freedom advocacy, development and diversity efforts. We are so excited to continue to pursue that passion and mission — thanks to your generous contributions.