Linux XIA Joins Conservancy as a Member Project

Linux XIA Joins Conservancy as a Member Project

March 15, 2017

Software Freedom Conservancy proudly welcomes Linux XIA as a member project. Linux XIA is a new protocol stack for Linux built using eXpress Internet Architecture (XIA), an interoperable meta network architecture. Linux XIA is designed to meet unfulfilled demands of real-world networking. The project’s roadmap includes the development of a DDoS protection system, and the addition of state-of-the-art algorithms and data structures to increase Linux XIA’s speed and flexibility.

Conservancy, a non-profit public charity focused on ethical technology, acts as a home to over forty member projects dedicated to developing free and open source software. Conservancy acts as a corporate umbrella, allowing member projects to operate as charitable initiatives without having to independently manage their own corporate structure and administrative services.

“As our project grew, we started to face new challenges, such as receiving, holding, and paying taxes on our project income, as well as tracking our expenditures and resources,” said Michel Machado, Linux XIA project founder and leader. “We considered a variety of options, from having a project member reduce their project contributions to carry all the administrative burden, to starting our own not-for-profit organization. Joining Conservancy is Linux XIA’s best solution.”

Linux XIA maintainer Cody Doucette added, “It’s exciting to know that, by joining Conservancy, we are going to share the same ‘house’ with some of the open source projects that we admire such as Git and QEMU.”

“We’re excited to have Linux XIA aboard,” said Tony Sebro, Conservancy’s General Counsel and a member of Conservancy’s Evaluation Committee. “Linux XIA is helping to shape the future of networking, and we look forward to supporting their efforts.”