Free GPU driver for i.MX6

Since Linux kernel 4.10 there is a free GPU 3D driver for NXP i.MX6 CPUs included in the mainline kernel tree. In conjunction with Mesa 17.10 (and later) this driver works amazingly well! We were successfully able to run the 3D Benchmark GLMark2 on a KaRo TX6DL (i.MX6DL) module. Also a graphical user interface using Wayland and the Weston compositor runs flawlessly, without glitches or other faults. We have been using mainline Linux kernel 4.12.14 and a root filesystem built on top of Debian unstable for armhf.

This is a huge step forward. Until recently 3D and 2D graphic acceleration for most ARM based CPU was only accessible using proprietary drivers or libraries. Now there is access to it with 100% free drivers and software.

This is of interest for you or one of your projects? Then get in touch with us.