Bro, Buildbot, and Godot Receive Mozilla MOSS Grants

June 23, 2016

Bro, Buildbot, and Godot Receive Mozilla MOSS Grants

Conservancy congratulates member projects Bro, Buildbot, and Godot for receiving grants from the Mozilla Foundation’s Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program. The MOSS program is an awards program specifically focused on supporting the Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) movement.

Bro and Buildbot were grant recipients in the first round of MOSS grants in December 2015; the round focused on “Foundational Technology” — seminal FLOSS technology Mozilla uses and/or incorporates into its infrastructure and products. Bro received a $200,000 USD grant to fund, among other things, development of the Comprehensive Bro Archive Network, a public repository for sharing third-party scripts and plug-ins. Buildbot received a $15,000 USD grant to fund updates to documentation, improvements in Buildbot performance in the Amazon EC2 cloud, and other aspects of Buildbot development.

Godot has been selected to be a grant recipient in the second round of MOSS grants, as announced yesterday. The second round targets Mozilla’s “Mission Partners” — FLOSS projects who promote activities aligned with Mozilla’s mission. Godot is to receive a $20,000 USD grant to fund support for Web Sockets, WebAssembly and WebGL 2.0.

On behalf of Conservancy’s member projects, Conservancy thanks Mozilla for its support of FLOSS development.