Bradley M. Kuhn to Keynote FOSDEM 2017 Tomorrow

Bradley M. Kuhn to Keynote FOSDEM 2017 Tomorrow

Kuhn FOSDEM Keynote Will Explain Complexity of Copyleft Defense

February 3, 2017

Tomorrow, Saturday 4 February 2017, Conservancy’s Distinguished Technologist, Bradley M. Kuhn, will deliver a keynote entitled Understanding The Complexity of Copyleft Defense: After 25 Years of GPL Enforcement, Is Copyleft Succeeding? at FOSDEM 2017.

After a year of complex events in the copyleft and the GPL, much of it surrounding the enforcement of GPL, Kuhn will explore the topic in depth in this keynote. Kuhn has designed his talk as a political tutorial to explain and educate those who have not carefully followed recent events. Attendees of the talk can expect to leave fully informed and armed with the facts to make their own judgments and evaluations of the state of copyleft and its role a tool to defend the freedom of software users.

The FOSDEM organizers expect a live stream to be available of the talk which occurs on Saturday at 18:05 Central European Time (17:05 UTC, 12:05 US/Eastern, 09:05 US/Pacific). We encourage everyone around the world to enjoy the live stream tomorrow!

Finally, in advance of his keynote, FOSDEM organizers published today a preview interview with Bradley about his keynote to wet your appetite for the talk!