Backdrop CMS is the Conservancy’s Newest Member Project

Backdrop CMS is the Conservancy’s Newest Member Project

May 8, 2018

the Backdrop logo is a white square with a black triangle inside it

Software Freedom Conservancy is excited to announce that Backdrop CMS has joined as its newest member project. Backdrop CMS is a lightweight content management system for small to medium sized businesses and non-profits.

Backdrop CMS best serves the kinds of organizations that need complex functionality, on a budget. Smaller organizations deserve a tool built especially for their changing and particular needs. Backdrop CMS is committed to providing that service by leveraging the flexibility and collaborative nature of free and open source software.

Conservancy, a public charity focused on ethical technology, is home to over forty member projects dedicated to developing and promoting free and open source software. Conservancy acts as a corporate umbrella, allowing member projects to operate as charitable initiatives without having to manage their own corporate structure and administrative services.

“The Conservancy’s commitment to smaller projects, non-profits, and educational efforts mirrors our own audience. We’re looking forward to working with them.” said Jen Lampton, Backdrop CMS Co-founder and Senior Developer.

“Backdrop CMS fills an important niche in the content management system space and we love their commitment to free software and usability.” said Karen M. Sandler, Conservancy’s Executive Director. “We’re looking forward to supporting them as they continue building an important tool to empower small organizations.”