2023 Fundraiser Kicks Off With Historic $161,729 Match Fund!

2023 Fundraiser Kicks Off With Historic $161,729 Match Fund!

Double your contribution to software freedom before January 15th

November 21, 2023

We at Software Freedom Conservancy are proud to be supported by individuals who
find the mission of providing ethical technology for all worth investing in.
Your support is what lets us develop free and open source alternatives
to proprietary technologies like being the home to Inkscape,
OpenWrt, Git
and many others, support copyleft compliance, and run Outreachy,
which just hosted its 1000th intern this year! It’s the continued support
of individuals which enables our work to protect us all from
incursion of our digital rights and freedoms.

Our annual match drive of an historic $161,729 is provided this year by a group of passionate individual
donors, giving all different levels of support to make sure we can continue to achieve our mission. For every dollar you give during the match challenge period and up to that overall amount, they will match
to make your contributions to software freedom double! Over the next few
weeks we’ll be talking with some of our matchers like: Alison Chaiken, Ben Kero, Vipul Siddharth, Lucy and Eli Voigt, and Justin Vreeland, to
see what they are most excited about our work and the future of software

This has been an exciting year for our organization, from hiring new staff,
to running the first FOSSY conference, to seeing our projects continue to
grow and develop. You can read all about this years exciting developments
on our Year In Review page.

We urge you to become a Sustainer, renew your existing membership or donate before January 15th to maximize your contribution to furthering the goals of software freedom!