We offer trainings for the following topics:

  • Free Software, Open Source
    What is the philosophy behind it? How can commercial developments deal with it? What are the different licenses about and how do they work? What do you have to keep in mind, especially in a commercial project?
  • Linux Introduction
    How does a Linux operating system work? What are the basic concepts? How can it be used for embedded and mobile devices? What are common tools, to help working with and developing for it?
  • Linux embedded development
    How are embedded Linux solutions developed? What needs to be taken extra care of? How does a Linux system work? How does device driver development work? How does talking to hardware actually work?

We can offer further topics on demand, please ask us.

We create the concept, plan and organize your individual training according to your needs – individually, in small groups, on our or your premises or for larger groups at an appropriate venue.

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