About us

You have the idea,
we help to realize it

ID3P is founded on more than 25 years of experience in the fields of open-source and free software and more than 15 years of experience in developing professional solutions based on open-source and free software especially in the field of embedded and mobile devices.


Our goal is to leverage our long term and broad experience for the maximum use for our customers. We want to support, where our clients need us, not were we think help might be needed. We are independent of any other products, goods or services and we keep a special focus that our customers remain similarly independent.

Third Party’s View

As an independent third party we have other ways of looking at our customer’s projects and challenges. Our independent view from the outside enables us to help to reevaluate problems, to find not yet discovered potential, new solutions or completely new strategies. Our customers benefit from our long term project experience and expertise with small and large companies and a broad range of applications.

Consulting – A Good Conversation

Any good consulting starts with a good conversation. In order to help you to get acquainted with us the first consultation is free and without any obligations. Try it yourself and get in contact.

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